mentor + editor

Another pair of eyes, an experienced writer and an emotionally intelligent editor is invaluable when you’re working on a non-fiction manuscript.

The main service I offer is for clients who have ‘finished’ their manuscript and now need an editor. I have edited books on psychology, marketing, and history as well as numerous privately published memoirs.

What I mean by editing is that I assess every word you’ve written, and make all necessary changes to bring your voice and writing to life. As well as obvious changes such as correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation, I also look at the overall structure to ensure flow, and ensure your book has consistent style, structure, voice and vision. I also fact-check wherever possible and make suggestions for additional research.

I prepare your manuscript to a professional standard that would be acceptable to a commercial publisher as a first draft.

memoir recording + writing

Using the best in digital technology, I offer a series of broadcast quality interviews covering the entirety of an individual’s life (usually up to 12 hours). These interviews can also be transcribed and re-written in memoir form using the person’s voice. An agreed fee is usually negotiated for longer term writing projects.

For clients seeking to self-publish for family and posterity, I recommend the services of book designer Natalie Bowra ( and publishing consultant, family history researcher and writer, Amanda Mackevicius. (

Please note: These services are available using Skype, Zoom or telephone.

“When I say work I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.”
Margaret Laurence