I am an award-winning journalist and documentary maker, author and editor. 

My own memoir, A Bird on My Shoulder, has been published by Allen and Unwin and is now available in bookstores or online. After a life time of writing for others it's been wonderful and profound to explore the experiences and ideas that mean so much to me. While the memoir deals with death and grieving, which are difficult subjects to write about, the overwhelming response I have received has been so positive. Readers are so relieved that someone is writing about loss in a way that mirrors their own experience, and explores the extraordinary gifts that suffering can bring. Read more

My most recent project has been as the ghost writer and editor for Playing the Game - Life and politics in Papua New Guinea by Sir Julius Chan. This unique account spans a crucial period of the country's history, particularly its coming of age from an Australian colony to a leading democratic nation in the South Pacific, and provides an insiders view of the challenges facing one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. The memoir will be published by the University of Queensland Press and was released in March 2016. Read more

I am a founding director of The Memoir Makers, a company specialising in recording family history for private clients.

Feel free to contact me to talk about your professional writing needs.